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Porter Robinson’s latest track “Get Your Wish” from upcoming ‘Nurture’ LP is OUT NOW

Nearly six years after Porter Robinson‘s seminal debut album, Worlds, the Grammy Award-winning producer finally announced to deliver his sophomore LP. Titled Nurture, the album is due to land sometime in 2020, introduced by a lead single “Get Your Wish” dropped minutes ago.

Get Your Wish” picks back up where Worlds left off, spiraling into a brightly colored synth-pop realm speckled with classically informed strings and piano. In director Chris Muir’s video, Robinson performs in ankle-deep water in front of vivid graphics, making it explicit that the pitched-up vocals are his own. “So tell me how it felt when you walked on water?” goes the chorus. “Did you get your wish?

Here’s the YouTube video Porter Robinson’s latest track “Get Your Wish” from his upcoming album, ‘Nurture’.

You can also check “Nurture” trailer below:

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