Calcium & Dion Timmer Team Up For ‘Insane’ Collaboration

When ‘Insane’ was first teased in Calcium’s Teeth N’ Bones Vol. 4 mix last year, I was blown away by the monstrous impact of the track. The pairing of the soothing vocals that build the energy gradually from a melody-driven piece to a catastrophic dubstep banger is unparalleled in today’s sound design-focused scene, and we’ve been itching for the full release ever since.

Don’t get me wrong — not all dubstep tracks needs to have a melody. But at the same time, there’s no denying that a melodic drop & a heavy drop are two very different beasts, and melody adds a huge component to the overall mix.

Dion and Calcium introduce a melodic swing that drops into a more atonal, sustained bass note that lets you swing your arms and then headbang seamlessly. Pair that intelligent production with Celestic’s warped and unearthly vocals and the project is a smash hit.

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