Reason behind nightclub denying male stag entries

Reason Behind Indian Nightclubs Denying Male Stag Entries

The Article 15 (2) of the country’s constitution guarantees: ‘No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, SEX, place of birth or any of them, be subject to any disability, liability, restriction or condition with regard to-access to shops, public restaurants, hotels and places of public entertainment’. But clubs violate this rule on a daily basis.

How many of you have gone pub hopping in “all boys” groups only to be turned away with a unanimous thumbs down by all the places you made a beer line for? We learn from the managers of most pubs and breweries that they have a strict no entry policy for just stags. The main reason is that groups with women are not comfortable having stags around. “We have a very strict entry policy wherein stags are not allowed. The biggest reason is that we need to ensure that the women guests and people accompanying them don’t have to be worried all the time because of stags”, says the manager of a famous brewery on Golf Course Road. The ‘no-stags allowed’ tag attracts couples, all-girl groups and mixed groups.

Funny as it may sound, some do allow small groups during the daytime or on days when business is slow, but on Tuesdays/ Wednesdays which are ladies night for most pubs and on the weekends, stags are not entertained. We see you frown on the mention of “ladies night”. Of late, an exclusive ladies night is a prevalent ritual at most night clubs and breweries. And we lament about a patriarchal society.

Some of the places assess the groups individually though. Members of the management keep a check through personal profiling at every level, and they do make exceptions in allowing stag groups, if they are corporates. We learn that they sometimes make exceptions. Some of them, however, are an absolute no-no, ‘inviting danger’ kinds. The easiest way to be denied entry is by walking into a pub in a big all-male group, the perception being that anything above five guys is a bad idea because it is very easy for a group like that to lose control of their drinks and create problems. A mixed group with perhaps more number of boys passes the quality control test though!

The rationale being that if there are girls with them, they are more sorted and feel more responsible and conscious.

It’s interesting how some boys say that this is a tactic to attract more girls because of their families worrying about their safety. If they can have exclusive girls night, they can also have exclusive boys nights. A day reserved just for boys. A learning for guys, perhaps, to respect women and who knows things may change in the future. We look forward to that change. Till then, cheers, girls and boys!

3 thoughts on “Reason Behind Indian Nightclubs Denying Male Stag Entries

  1. But mam cannot clubs make a reserved area in a club just for women or may be a room similar to public transport.. But an overall denial of single men is a gross discrimination.. Protecting 1 gender by compromising the basic right of another is not cool

  2. But mam.. Cannt we just reserve a section or may be a room for females without denying overall entry to single men which is a gross discrimination against men

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