ASURA JVST SAYIN' x OV3RDRIVE - Mom Said Only Wub [Bass Stud Premiere]


The completely homegrown collective, Asura has been making waves across the bassheads in India with a constant array of stellar releases by Indian bass music producers. After finding themselves surrounded by a lot of controversies followed by a massive social-media hack, this collective promised a huge comeback – a brand new Asura Compilation called “Sarvanaash“.

The latest addition to this compilation is the collaboration between 2 very talented producers, JVST SAYIN’ and OV3RDRIVE from Jaipur and Goa respectively. The collaboration titled “Mom Said Only Wub” opens a whole new dimension of bass music experience to the listeners. The track as the name suggests is structured with heavy basslines giving it an overall spooky vibe.

This collaboration can also be viewed as how two producers from different parts of the nation bring in together such a heavy-track under a collective like Asura.

The compilation, “Sarvanaash” which is a collection of 7 tracks consists of contributions by Baajewala, Robu, Meugen, TRVP RIOT, Veer, JVST SAYIN’ x OV3RDRIVE, and KRMA. Listen to the whole compilation here.

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