Moreno – Numb ft. Devangi Chopra

Morèno- Numb ft. Devangi Chopra [LISTEN]

This week has been a great one with a lot of new music by artists from India. Moreno a.k.a Prajyot Meshram is an electronic music producer from Mumbai and has debuted as an artist with a 4-track EP called “Quit Screen“.

The “Quit Screen EP” which came yesterday, features collaborations with various singers like Devangi Chopra, Lojal and Pruthvi. The EP is a beautiful blend of melodic harmonies, soundscapes, and vocals making it a complete musical experience.

Talking about the EP, Moreno says, “This EP is a culmination of all the sounds that I’ve been working with for over 4 years, which has birthed “morèno”. The interesting thing about this EP is that I’ve picked up all the vocalists from Instagram and brought them together for this haven of my feels.

My favorite track from this Quit Screen EP is definitely “Numb“. The song which is sung by Devangi Chopra is a treat for all music listeners. Reaching out to Devangi to share her views about the track, she says,

“The storyline I had in mind while writing “Numb” was originally based on the whole process of someone breaking through their fears and past experiences and simply free-falling in love. It’s that feeling of numbness that arises when you experience something that’s just too good to be true but deep down inside, you just feel it in your bones that, it is truly worth fighting for. It’s about the beauty of love, that heals you, makes you grow and makes you want to believe again…”.

Listen to Quit Screen EP here:

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