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Lucchii Releases New Single “Chøsen Ønes” [LISTEN NOW]

Well, look what’s popped up to round out the week. May has kicked off with so many great releases thus far, and now a new track from Lucchii has provided a neat and soothing blend of calm sounds and Lucchii’s signature rugged bass.

The latest from Lucchii, “Chøsen Ønes” is a new collab with Mike Bilenki a.k. DAD. And it refreshingly strikes a great balance that Lucchii has come to be known for. In this track, you get both wistful feels and pulsing waves of energy. When asked Luchhii about the lyrical story of “Chosen Ones” he says “The track is the story of being a young person in a chaotic world and finding out where you truly belong inside of it”.

Chøsen Ønes by Lucchii ft. DAD comes out via our favorite tastemaker brand, Music High Court and you can get it on multiple platforms here! Stream it below:

Do not forget to check our interview with Lucchii in Mumbai:

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