Katoptris Malware 3.0

Katoptris Releases Filthy Banger “Malware 3.0”

Pune (India) based DJ/Producer Faizal Jamadar a.k.a Katoptris releases his latest single “Malware 3.0“. The newest track, a grotesque killer of a tune is the very epitome of a face-melting hybrid smasher. A brutal pairing of fearsome trap vibes fused with evil-sounding bass sound design provides the perfect terrain for Malware 3.0 to attack every single active brain cell in your mind.

Malware 3.0 takes you to a horrifying journey with vocal samples creating a scary atmosphere throughout the track. Katoptris manages to blend the unexpected heavy drop making the whole experience a surprise attack like any malware does.

Stream Katoptris – Malware 3.0 below:

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