marshmello collab svdden death

SVDDEN DEATH Announces A Collaboration With Marshmello

We all have a slight hint behind the face behind Marshmello, there’s no debate & discussion required on it. Which also explains why Marshmello’s set is a combination of mello tunes but a big proportion of an unholy amount of dubstep. And we are talking of dubstep, the behemoth star, SVDDEN DEATH is already known for having some of the heaviest sets around right now.

SVDDEN DEATH tweeted about collaborating with Marshmello and clearly mentioning it be become “Sick AF”. The collaboration’s news is already a huge topic of online discussions within the fans. However, we find it a good step for dubstep, as this collab would definitely bring many young fans who listen to sugary songs by Marshmello to the heavier side.

Although SVDDEN DEATH has worked on Marshmello’s work before recently when he had officially remixed Marshmello’s recent track “Happier”. Check the track below:

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