Neckwreck Level 1

Neckwreck is back in Pune with a new level of madness!

PUNE! We are back with Neckwreck Level #1. I personally believe Pune has been the by far the luckiest city in India because of all the music festival attraction and being an active destination city for all the artist tours in the country. Bass-heavy property Neckwreck by Quadscore started it’s journey from Pune with Neckwreck: Now Loading on 10th March this year and gained a lot of appreciation for successfully pulling off such a great idea. 

Neckwreck: Level #1 scheduled this Sunday (22/7/18) looks bigger and better with a stellar lineup and a more crazy venue. The bass music showcase is will witness performances by Smokey, Karan Kanchan, GOBO, BrijPlease, and Trodd. 

Neckwreck Level 1

Get ready to get your necks wrecked this Sunday in Neckwreck Level#1.

Date: 22/7/2018
Venue: Ales, Brews & Ciders Brewing Company
Get your tickets here.

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