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Meet Klutch, the New Orleans Producer behind the Fur Elise Remix [LISTEN]

Klutch, a 24-year-old DJ/Producer from New Orleans would’ve never believed his remix of the legendary Beethoven’s melody Fur Elise would be so appreciated across the globe. 

Born, raised, and never strayed from his beloved hometown, Klutch is a new type of NOLA musician. With dubstep, trap, and melodic bass music, Klutch found the same raw emotion that connected him to the music of his youth, and the communities surrounding it. When it comes to the New Orleans EDM scene, there is one unparalleled fan favorite. His uncanny talent for improvisation has catapulted Klutch’s iconic DJ sets to regional notoriety, and the ascension has just begun.

klutch beethoven fur elise remix

Check out this brief conversation with Klutch below:

Bass Stud: What inspired you to remix a legendary song like Fur Elise?

Klutch: Well I actually remixed it about 4 years ago. I called it Beethoven’s trap since it was a bit more that lane when I made it. I’ve become a much better producer since then, and I still loved the concept. So one day I finally sat down and revamped it!

Bass Stud: The remix is receiving a lot of appreciation from the bass music lovers. Many of them are your first-time listeners, can you explain your project Klutch to them?

Klutch: Surely! And thanks for such a great question! Klutch is a project based around cinematic/anthemic bass music. I’ve always been obsessed with huge sounds and soundscapes. Melodies are key for me, so I’ve always strived to mix both the heavier style of bass music with the prettier and more melodic style. Klutch overall is something that lies within each of us. A skill, a talent, just anything that makes us unique that only we can bring to the table. It’s about capturing that fire within yourself and striving to be “Klutch” every day!

Bass Stud: Rusko has been playing this remix all around. Any message for him for this spotlight?

Klutch: Yes! Rusko has been the catalyst for this whole thing. I’ve been thankful enough to actually open for him when he came to my home in New Orleans and we got to hang out, talk music and life, and I got to personally thank him. I snuck into his show when I was 16 about 9 years ago, so for him to be playing my music has been too magical for me.

Bass Stud: What do you think about blogs like Bass Stud? Are they helpful in spreading bass music and culture across the world?

Klutch: I think blogs like this are extremely beneficial to the scene. I mean, the video you shared has over 50K views as of this question. That’s insane! Even the smallest platforms have so much power now, so these publications really are necessary for both current talent and finding new talents.
Listen to Beethoven – Fur Elise (Klutch Remix) here: 

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