Wuki India Tour Interview

WUKI talks to Bass Stud on his debut India Tour

Bass Stud: Kris being half-Indian, how is your bond with India?
WUKI: I love the culture actually. I am very familiar with it. I grew up eating the food & celebrate Diwali. I came over when I was 20, seeing it then and experiencing it again as an artist, it is so awesome, people are into dance music!


Bass Stud: You don’t miss watching Bollywood movies and stuff?
WUKI: Yeah I don’t miss it. We were only just talking about all the good Bollywood movies out today.

Bass Stud: How do you define your dream collaboration?
WUKI: Instead of working with another producer, my dream collab would rather be with a great vocalist. That’d be amazing for sure. Like Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj.

Bass Stud: You just came out with Popcorn Man. It is not under the #WUKILEAKS concept. Isn’t it?
WUKI: WUKILEAKS is actually free stuff. It usually has a sample in it or something..like a bootleg or remixes. A lot of WUKILEAKS are not official and are just remixes. Popcorn Man got signed on Mad Decent because it has no sample in it..so it’s completely original. WUKILEAKS is like my exclusive hub for my fans to connect with me and get some free music. Like JAUZ has its own Sharksquad…something like that. But I want to use WUKILEAKS to put my original content too, but I have not done it yet.

Bass Stud: You deal with a very special style of music and have established it eventually. How do the young artists go about making people listen to their music?
WUKI: People are really accepting these days honestly. Actually, they want to hear something new all the time. Especially right now, a lot of stuff does sound very similar and that’s what personally I feel is how you get heard. You need to sound different but you need to make people really like it too. If you do those two things, chances are that things are going to work for you.

Also, all the bigger guys they want to play something different in their set. So if you make something which is a banger and different then you can send it to Skrillex or Diplo. So getting heard is not that hard if you do it properly.

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