QUIX India Tour Interview

QUIX India Tour Interview with Bass Stud

Bass Stud: You share a very close relationship with Boombox Cartel in the industry. How is this relationship out of the professional space?
QUIX: We go back a while actually. Like when they put out B2U (Click here to listen) and that track blew up the internet. And we’ve been friends ever since. We make and write music together…even go bowling and go out to grab some pizza.

Boombox Cartel & Quix visit Ken's Yakitori
Boombox Cartel & Quix visit Ken’s Yakitori

Bass Stud: How do you define your dream collaboration?
QUIX: I obviously think working with the best of the best is always the best and that’s always fun.  I mean jumping in a studio and not having any expectation to put anything out. I feel like a big thing about collab is that when it’s released, what is gonna do for you or how you’re gonna get sling-shotted into the industry and how you’re going to get associated to someone. If I was to say like, my dream collab would be with SKRILLEX because his collab will definitely bring me up. But I would like to jump in with Skrillex to just experience how he creates music and develops his graphs.

Bass Stud: You seem to do a very special thing on social media which is doing boomerangs on Snapchat. How do you do that?
QUIX: (laughs heavily) I actually did it because I thought it was very funny or like piss off my friends. Ever since that loop feature has come out on Snapchat, I take a very small snap and zoom in into my face and loop it. Whenever I do that, NGHTMRE is the first one to reply with a laughing emoji or “LMAO”.

Quix with nghtmre

Bass Stud: You deal with a very special style of music and have established it eventually. How do the young artists go about making people listen to their music?
QUIX: I think it’s a flooded market. Anyone can get a laptop and download fruity loops or Ableton and get a whole lot of sample packs. That’s one thing I like about trap music is that is simple. There’s an 808, a kick, a synth, a snare, and that’s like 4 components to make something really cool. I agree that you have to accommodate 2 components of sounding different and getting yourself heard, and if you can do that, just put it on SoundCloud or reddit. There are some really cool threads on reddit where you can just put up your SoundCloud links and say “Here’s my track for free download” and people will look for you.

You can also send your tracks to your favorite music producer or DJ. But the way you do it is what makes the difference. The best way you do is probably messaging on Social Media. No one is literally going to check your emails. Instead, I like listening to songs people send me via Snapchat. Some of the best tracks I have are from producers sending me links on Snapchat.

QUIX b2b WUKI in Kitty Su, Mumbai
QUIX b2b WUKI in Kitty Su, Mumbai

Bass Stud: When did you meet Mrs. Quix?
QUIX: Man! (laughs) I met her before I was QUIX. I have been QUIX since I was 14 years old. She knows before I was a famous DJ.
(Mrs. Quix interrupts “I know you before you were even a DJ”)
Yeah! She knew me before I had a beard as well.

Quix and Mrs. Quix
Mrs. QUIX clicking QUIX in Kitty Su, Mumbai

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