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J-Trap Producer Karan Kanchan Releases ‘Black Belt’ Ft. VinDon

With the new wave of continuous music flowing into mainstream music streaming platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music etc; J-Trap ninja Karan Kanchan experiments to bring his latest release, “Black Belt” ft. VinDon as an Audio-Visual project on YouTube.

‘Black Belt’ by Karan Kanchan is heavily inspired by Japanese classical music and Wagaki with visual drawing inspiration from Dojo, a place where martial arts are practiced. This is also Karan’s longest worked on projects, as he focused on reflecting the track through visuals as well and worked with Mumbai’s Rugved Pawar to execute that.

On the occasion of the release, we thought it’d be best to talk to him to know more about the track. Below is a small conversation we had with him:

1. Every track you’ve released before has a back story associated with it, What’s the story behind ‘Black Belt’?
Happy that you pointed this out! I am a big fan of Japanese architecture and culture. Actually I had released a track called Dojo about 2 years ago, it was a very different kind of approach for me on being on a lower bpm and still wanting to bang it out hard with heavy Subs.
A dojo is a place where you practice martial arts, and this is to say that on constantly working on your art and practicing in a dojo, a year or 2 later you come out as a Black Belt! This track shares a very similar arrangement to dojo but very much tighter and better than before, also //B B// was to be named ‘Dojo 2’ for the longest time before we finalized on the lyrics with VinDon who is a super amazing artist I met online!
This goes to say I’m just starting to come out of my dojo! and there is a lot more to explore for me up ahead!

2. ‘Black Belt’ is an audio-visual release on YouTube, how did you go about it?
“Today it’s very normal to put out a track on SoundCloud and on distribution platforms. I wanted to push the envelope for myself to bring something more than just a Soundcloud link to the audience. I always had the vision to push J-Trap as an audiovisual package! Was just waiting for the right time and resources to put it out.
I connected with Noiz_x online on Instagram, sent him a message and got on a call to explain to him my vision, and he seemed to understand it very well. To make the conversations more smooth and easy, I myself downloaded the visual software that he was using, and tried to learn the basics and the terms so that I can explain it to him in a better way! that helped a lot in the conversation of building the music video!
This track I have put the most of my time than in any other project. trying to make sure the mix & master is perfect with my engineer Hanish Taneja, and working out on the whole concept of music video and getting it made!
All this took over 4 months after the track was first exported out of my DAW. The Black Belt was released 10 months after my last J – Trap release ie. The Machine. So I wanted to be sure it comes out better than ever to make the wait worth it, and the response I have been getting is very overwhelming and kind!

3. Any plans on releasing new music this year? 
Well, I have been making and releasing a lot of music, including a lot of hip hop music. I’m also trying to push forward the bass sound thru my hip hop releases, so it makes the masses more comfortable when they hear our “bass stuff” haha! there is definitely more lined up for this year! Stay tuned.”

Listen to Karan Kanchan – Black Belt ft. VinDon here:

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