What So Not Releases His Remix Of Stranger Things Theme Song

What So Not Releases His Remix Of Stranger Things Theme Song

Just a week and a half following his massive drum & bass track “OOGAHDAM!” with Diablo, What So Not has unleashed a wild remix of the Stranger Things theme song. While the Australian producer has been playing this out at his shows for some time now, this is the first time he’s released the track on streaming platforms. Dark and menacing in all the right ways, the remix builds with eerie melodies and sinister basslines that will give you goosebumps.

The sound takes us back to Flume-era What So Not, with wide soundscapes and immersive production that envelopes you and lulls you into a trance-like state. It’s hard to think of anyone who could have given this omnipresent theme a more fitting tribute.

Having first teased this around the time of the season one in 2016, and dropping it in select sets it was well overdue, but also right on time to capture the attention of the shows fans. Now we’re hoping the team at Netflix decide to make this an official remix if they come across it. The original was made by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the electronic band Survive, they are set to score the next season as well.

Listen below, and get ready for Stranger Things season 3 in 2 days! The remix is also available as a Free Download here.

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