Funtcase gets billed by organizers for broken rails in Belgium show

Funtcase Gets Billed By Organizers For Broken Rails in Belgium Show

Funtcase and his brand new Audio & Visual show was one of the most hyped sets on the second day of RAMPAGE in Belgium. The festival is loved by the bass music fans across the world for their quality production and lineup.

Yesterday, the festival tweeted to Funtcase which ended up Funtcase getting billed for the broken rails. Check them below:

RAMPAGE sent Funtcase a bill of whooping 12.5k euros for one broken rail at the festival during his set. XD

Finally, Funtcase reacted to this like anyone would do! But I think this was all an April Fool’s prank played between Rampage & Funtcase.

What’s even funnier is that you spent your 3 minutes just to check something which is an April Fool’s prank. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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