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Ghastly Is Working On A Brand New Alias To Release “Pretty Music”

Ghastly is well-known to release all kind of music and not stick to just one type of genre. The producer is one of the best when it comes to bass house and the amount of freshness he brings to his every single track is appreciatable.

David Crow a.k.a Ghastly shared his future plans with fans on Twitter. He is apparently working on a brand new EP and will then work on a different alias to release “pretty music“. He tweeted:

But what followed after this tweet was a massive wave of confusion, as some of his fans misinterpreted this tweet. People thought that David will be quitting this project after the EP. But, Ghastly did not take a moment to clear the air with another tweet. He said “Big ol misinterpretation here – I’m not retiring Ghastly I’m starting another project”.

Listen to Ghastly’s “pretty music” below:

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