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This music festival on the beaches of Uran is making headlines

Navi Mumbai is full of college events and campus shows but a proper music festival was what the city was wishing for years. Uran Music Event (UME) is the music festival on the Mankeshwar Beach, Uran on 24th March, 2018 (Saturday). The beach is one of the most prominent beaches in Navi Mumbai which are considered to be clean and have welcoming weather throughout. 

Mankeshwar Beach Uran Music Event UME

What differentiates Uran Music Event from others is its home-grown lineup of talents from the country. The lineup is supported by a huge number of artists playing the best music to keep the vibe kicked in.

Uran Music Event (UME) Flyer

The music event which also features the night camping is already in the news with their large stage and high level of production. The gates to the Uran Music Event will open at 3:00 PM with non-stop music till 1:00 AM in the night under the stars. According to sources, an Afterparty is also scheduled for all the campers after 2:00 AM along the campfire to give you the perfect vibe to the end of the event. 

Uran Music Event UME Camping

The music event will be equipped with food & drinks counters for the visitors and campers to keep themselves full of energy throughout the event and make the most of it.


Here are the ticket details:

Stag Entry: 500/-
Stag Entry + Stay: 1200/-
Couple Entry + Stay: 2000/-

Vedant Shah: +91 8169733789
Lokesh Sahatiya: +91 8655631774

Check out the location for Uran Music Event (UME) here:

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