Top 10 things you should know about REZZ

Top 10 things you should know about REZZ

Isabelle Rezazadeh (born May 28, 1995), better known as REZZ, is an electronic music producer from Niagara Falls, Ontario. She has been creating waves in the industry with her unique style of gritty and dark bass house music, and since she is set to make her Indian debut at Ultra music festival in Delhi and Mumbai, we compiled a list of a few interesting things about her.

1. REZZ who is generally referred to as spacemom spends 14 hours a day continuously evolving her style of music.

2. In high school, she was a track and field athlete and attended numerous raves throughout North America. Her first gig was actually a high school dance function.

3. REZZ has been signed onto labels created by deadmau5 – mau5trap, Skrillex – OWSLA and Zeds Dead – Deadbeats.

4. REZZ describes her music as alien house and her influences include deadmau5, Gesaffelstein, Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, Excision, and Datsik.

5. REZZ’s fans identify themselves collectively as The Cult of Rezz.

Created and nurtured by Matt Leblanc, Alex Olvera, Dylan Todd, Easton Buskard, Patrick Carriera, Monnie White, Nick Sparks and Shannon Frazier to name a few.

6. REZZ wears glasses as an ode to hypnosis and has built her brand around it.

Her idea of live shows is trying to hypnotize the audience in a trance. The light reflects out but not in. Sometimes she looks out the bottoms of them. “Sacrifice the vision for the sake of the vision” is how she describes it.

7. REZZ has said she’d love to start her own record label at some point.

8. There’s a gold mine of old tracks on her soundcloud if you keep scrolling down. (Link below)

9. REZZ has a secret tunes account that shes put some remixes on. She is a massive tease too, she released her track “Relax” almost a year after first playing it.

10. REZZ is amazing to her fans. For example, she once sent 14 tracks to a fan that have never been released.

You can check out REZZ via her:




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