AHEE - Spellbound EP (Out Now)

AHEE Mixes Heavy Bass With Jungle Tunes In His Latest ‘Spellbound EP’

Los Angeles bound DJ/Producer Chris Adams aka AHEE has unleashed a heavy yet smooth 5 track EP titled ‘Spellbound‘ this week. The producer who lights up dance floors with his unique blend of high energy dance floor bangers and sonically complex weird bass tunes does not disappoint with the release of this EP via Gravitas Recordings.

We spoke to the wizard himself and asked what were his thoughts while producing this masterpiece EP, he said, “For Spellbound, I wanted to create an immersive sonic world for the listener to get lost in, while still being dancefloor/DJ friendly. Dancing is what brought me into electronic music and so everything I make has to make me dance, but I also enjoy using unique sounds in unfamiliar circumstances like a Didgeridoo mixed with Trap/Dubstep or Jungle Animals in a Bass House tune that drops into halftime. I’m always combining all the ideas that inspire me into new tunes that bend genres together in unexpected ways.

Stream AHEE – Spellbound EP on Spotify here

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