Moonboy Imputed Of Sexual Assault, Gets Dropped By Management

This past weekend, EDM Twitter has lobbied accusations against producer/DJ Moonboy, of mistreating girls and even non-consensual videotaping sexual encounters. The screenshots and videos Steph (@stephhcastro_) showed Moonboy to have allegedly tricked her into buying a plane ticket to a festival he was playing in Canada, where they’d be spending time together. However, Steph’s tweet opened the door for other women to tell their experiences with Moonboy.

Most notable was @tostadabrooklyn, who told of a situation in which she went back to Moonboy’s hotel room to engage in consensual sex with him. The Twitter user says she was 100% sober while Moonboy was drunk during the encounter.
“The next morning, I woke up completely on the other side of the bed. I fell asleep while he continued to have sex with me. While I was asleep, I had a CLEAR memory of rolling over and pushing a flash away from me.”

Another accusation came from @laynebrank.

Currently, we have news that Moonboy’s management company, Loko Entertainment has parted ways with Moonboy. The Valhalla Sound Circus festival dropped him from the lineup as well.

At the time of publishing, Moonboy has still made no public acknowledgment of the accusations nor any statement in response to them. However, he has deleted thousands of tweets since the accusations first surfaced this weekend. Although, no legal charges against Moonboy have been detected yet, and it’s important to remember these accusations are just that – accusations. However, sometimes silence speaks louder than words and Moonboy’s lack of comment is certainly disconcerting.

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