kayzo helps fan by starting a gofundme page

Kayzo Helps Fan by Starting A GoFundMe Page for Sister’s Funeral

“With great fan base comes greater responsibilities”, this is what bigger stars like Hayden Capuozzo a.k.a Kayzo think when they come across a distressed fan. Recently a guy named  Zach had tweeted to Hayden which said:

Unfortunately my family is struggling to afford to give my sister the appropriate burial that she deserves, therefore I am willing to let go of my signed @KayzoMusic t-shirt size medium. Can have it shipped in 3-5 days. Open to prices, anything helps at this point. Tysm❤️pic.twitter.com/eEIpdWOetO

— GATSBY (@zachapocalypse) January 14, 2018

Kayzo saw the tweet and immediately took action. He tweeted:

Woah woah no keep your shirt and I’ll dm you. We will find a way to give your sister the proper burial. Rest In Peace ❤️ https://t.co/GDuziy6zYV

— kayzo (@KayzoMusic) January 14, 2018

Rest In Peace Jamie. We are here for you Zach ❤️https://t.co/NHA7filepJ

— kayzo (@KayzoMusic) January 14, 2018

Hey guys @zachapocalypse has been one of my biggest supporters for some time now. His sister unexpectedly passed away and his family is going to need some help giving her the proper burial. Let’s come together to help someone in need ❤️https://t.co/DtY9BD7wC4

— kayzo (@KayzoMusic) January 14, 2018

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