Bass Talks With LUUDE

Perth producer LUUDE was on his way to India in Decemeber 2017 with Run The Trap for a 3 city tour with Holly, JAMAL and Fabian Mazur. Check out this bass talk with LUUDE!

Bass Stud: Christian how did you begin with music production and decided to make a career out of it?
LUUDE: I got inspired by watching a YouTube video of Avicii where he was using the FL Studio for production. I was kind of curious and addicted to it straight away and started spending my whole day on it. After producing on it for about a year, my music started getting better; people started noticing me and I started out putting more music.

Eventually, I started getting the attraction and people started playing it in the clubs and some started booking me for shows. From a small slot in the shows to getting bigger and bigger every time. I started making more money, got myself a manager. So within 2 years of starting producing, I made it my full-time job.

Bass Stud: We can hear fresh music daily on the internet. What measures do you take to make your music stand out?

LUUDE: Making my music stand out is actually a long process. The best thing I’ve done is that I am friends with a lot of other producers as well. I can send them my music now, they share it on their SoundCloud or their Facebook page or we message blogs and record labels. Some record labels can get you a lot of following and audience. It all comes down to making good connections and then you can help each other out.

Bass Stud: What is the most significant change you see in your span of being in the music industry?

LUUDE: I’ve been in the industry for 3 years now. I am amazed to see how people jump between sub-genres of EDM. There’s a popular genre every 3 months and it is very difficult to stick to just one genre. The biggest change is that people are changing the genres, sometimes you’re making trap for 6 months and suddenly you get bored of it and start making electro or vice-versa. I like this change very much because I like making different genres a lot.

Bass Stud: You are quite young in the industry. If given a chance, what would you do to make an impact on the industry?

LUUDE: I don’t know the future of this project. But I really don’t want to stick to being a producer. I would like to do YouTube videos, doing patents, doing the music side; just not sticking to one music avenue but get into a lot of different avenues.

Bass Stud: You maintain a separate account for your remixes/flips. What do you think is the value of remixes for a producer?

LUUDE: I would say that remixes are the best thing I have done for the project. Because you do a remix of a popular song and remixes are the easier to do because the basics of the song are already there. You just have to make some changes to an original song and people are really likely to click on the remixes than your original. Remixes are always going to get you plays and remixes are more likely to blow up than your original track.

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